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Wallbarz developing complex for children BabyWonder age 3+


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Tootekood: 830WB0200


WALLBARZ BabyWonder is designed to encourage and challenge your baby to explore the world around as well as his or her own abilities to the fullest.
Daily physical activity should be promoted from birth. Infants and toddlers LEARN through play.
Physical activities introduced from the earliest age not only efficiently develop gross motor, socio-emotional, and cognitive skills but also help children establish lifelong healthy habits that will positively influence their wellbeing and level of accomplishment later in life.
Maximum Weight Allowed 100 kg
Dimensions Length x Width x Height: 1.147x 0.99 x 1.2 m

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Kaal 27 kg
Mõõtmed 610 × 1120 × 230 cm