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Universal Multi-Screen TFT/LCD cleaning solution 200ml and cloth AF


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*AF Multi-screen-clene is a non-flammable anti-static cleaning solution 200ml with micro fibre (15x17cm) washable cloth to give excellent cleaning results.
*AF Multi-Screen-Clene duo can leave your screen with a superb smear free finish ensuring you get the best performance from your tech. The solution effectively removes common grease, dust and fingerprints built up on screen surfaces. Do not spray the solution directly onto your screen, spray onto the micro-fibre cloth provided and clean gently. AF International always recommends that you check the manufacturers guide before using any screen cleaner or test a small area first.
*Universal screen cleaning solution
*Smear free
*Alcohol free
*Suitable for monitors, TFTs, LCDs, tablets, gaming, in car entertainment, POS and Smartphones

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