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Treadmill PROFORM PERFORMANCE 400i + 1m. iFit narystė


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Pro Form is one of the most advanced brands in the world, flourishing for over 20 years. The latest technology, modern gear system, damping pillows are just a few of the benefits that customers are choosing for these exercise machines.
With iFIT Coach Plus interactive video training, you will travel the world without leaving your home, training with the world’s best personal trainers. Interactive workouts based on your sleep, nutrition and activity habits, automatic statistics tracking, and more.

iFit : iFit Coach Ready (you wil lreceive an additional 12 months iFit COACH membership (valued at 129.97 Eur);
Display : 7” touch screen
Heart Rate : EKG Grip Pulse;
Motor : 2,0 CHP ;
Tread Belt : 46 x 127 cm ;
Speed : 0 -18 kph Digital QuickSpeed Control ;
Incline /Decline : 0 – 10 kph Digital Quick Incline ;
Cushioning : ProShok ;
Folding : SpaceSaver Design w/ Easy lift Assist ;
Fan : No ;
Integraded: Tablet Holder ;
Audio : iPod – Compatible Sound sys

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