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Treadmill PROFORM 205 CST


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ProForm is one of the most advanced brands in the world, flourishing for over 20 years. The latest technology, modern gear system, damping pillows are just a few of the benefits that customers are choosing for these exercise machines. Combined with these simulators, the iFIT Coach Plus interactive training platform (optional) allows you to travel around the world without leaving your home, and your workout will not last because they will be dynamic and motivating, as you train with the best coaches in the world!

• ProForm 205 CST
• 1.75 CHP Drive System
• Walking Belt 41 x 127 cm
• Adjustable ProShox™ Plus Cushioning
• Space Saver Design
• Out Of The Box Easy Assembly
• Easy Lift Assist
• 5″ High Contrast Multi-Color Display
• Fit® Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Enabled
• Ipod Compatible Audio (2 – 2″ Speakers)
• Digital Quick Speed Control 0-16 KPH
• Digital Quick Incline Control 0 -10%
• 16 Preset Workouts
• EKG Grip Pulse
• 115 Kg User Capacity
• 2 Year European Warranty
Foldable: Space Sav

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