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Tennis racket DUNLOP SRX VC 5.0 27″ G3 280g unstrung


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Feel comfortable with total control
Hit shots that win games. The larger head size of the CV 5.0 gives you an increased sweet spot, to help you strike the ball with more power and comfort. And its light weight and manoeuvrability mean no shot is out of your reach.
Design: highest quality graphite;
Head size: 102 square feet;
Length: 27inch;
Weight without strings: 280g;
Balance: 335 mm;
Frame thickness: 23-26.5-23 mm
Rigidity: 68;
String: 16×19
Influenza: G3
Player: for women and youngsters
Technologies: Sonic Core VG; V-Energy II Shaft; Straight String System; Synchro Charge System; Heat Convert

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