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Sprayduster ZERO Eco Friendly Air Duster Aerosol 420 ml AF


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The award winning Sprayduster ZERO has been specially designed to combat dust and grime from inaccessible areas. This unique technology is a ‘World’s first’ to market product benefitting from zero harm to the atmosphere. The sprayduster ZERO is an all-rounder with the option for invertible use to ensure you can reach inaccessible areas safely, with 3 power settings the user can control the strength of the blast, it remains odourless and is also non-flammable. Extension straw included to allow precision of the blast. Excellent for use on various hard to reach areas for ultimate dust free equipment and surfaces. Fully compliant with changing F-gas regulations as of 1/1/18. Although the Sprayduster ZERO is non flammable we always recommend powering down any equipment before use.

Key points:
Environmentally friendly
Non flammable
Can be used at any angle
3 Power settings
High Power uses contents quicker
Extension straw allow precision of the blast
Responsible eco-friendly cleaning

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