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PLATENCLENE Roller Cleaner-Restorer 100ml AF


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* Platenclene cleaner dissolves ink stains and removes oil and grease helping to reduce paper jams on all types of rubber roller equipment.
* The cleaner is perfect for restoring roller flexibility as it does not leave any residue. The cleaner is supplied in a non toxic pump spray bottle which gives best results with AF safecloths, safetiss or safebuds. Regular maintenance can reduce breakdown costs of equipment failure. Simply spray onto Safecloth and wipe roller whilst turning to clean and restore group. Wipe dry with a clean Safecloth. Caution, this product may affect certain plastics. Wipe clean immediately if contact occurs.
* Restores roller flexibility
* Restores grip and texture/ leaving no residue.
* Leaves no residue
* Dissolves ink stains, oil and grease
* Reduces paper jams
* Alcohol free
* Suitable for fax machines and printers
* 100%-recyclable aluminum can.
Capacity: 100 ml / Pump Bottle

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