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Isoclene Bactericidal Wipes Tub 100psc (IPA)


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Isoclene is a resealable tub of 100 recyclable, pure isopropanol alcohol wipes suitable for general use cleaning and technical maintenance.
Each wipe is paper-based and is fully recyclable. AF Isoclene cleaning wipes are a convenient way to clean multiple surfaces such as keyboards, calculators and plastic surfaces.

Key points:
Pure isopropanol solution
Leaves no residue
Excellent degreasing properties
Fast drying
Convenient tub to lock in moisture

Suitable For:
PC boards
Magnetic read/write heads
Surface cleaning
Plastic casings (Always test first)
Nail manicure residue removal
Communal areas such as door handles

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Mõõtmed 8.5 × 17 × 8.5 cm