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Bike NORDICTRACK Commercial S22i + iFit 1 year membership free


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NordicTrack® – one of the most advanced brands in the world! Use the incline function from -10 to 20◦ to reach your goals much faster, and effectively prepare for the outdoor activities you want.
Meanwhile, with iFIT Coach Plus interactive video training, you will travel the world without leaving your home, training with the world’s best personal trainers. Interactive workouts based on your sleep, nutrition and activity habits, automatic statistics tracking, and more.

iFit coach: Unlimited opportunities with the iFit training platform (get an additional 12 months of iFit COACH membership (worth 129.97 Eur)
• 1-1.4 kg Dumbbells Included
• Inertia Enhanced Flywheel
• PowerGrade Incline/Decline Drive System
• Anodized Adjust Vertical Seat Precision Adjustement
• Anodized Horizontal Seat Precision Adjustment
• Non-Slip Multi-Position Handlebar
• Anodized Vertical Handlebar Adjustment
• Ergonomic Padded Saddle
• Dual Water Bottle Holders
• Compatible With Standart Road Bike Pedals And Seat

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