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Aqua dumbbells BECO NORDIC JET 96047 2pcs


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The Aqua nordicJET is the right tool for Nordic Walking in shallow and deep water. Due to its special design the water flows through the tube blank and allows an economical work movement. It provides great possibilities to improve muscular endurance as well as flexibility and coordination. The two cones are of different size and the handle which connects the cones is suited with little knobs for a great massage during the workout. The Aqua nordicJET allows a safe walk through the water and stabilises the whole body.

Range of use: Aqua nordic walking, Aqua aerobic, Rehabilitation
Training goal: Coordination, Balance, Strength endurance, Flexibility
Buoyance: low
Resistance: flexible
Water depth: Shallow water

Material: E.V.A.
Packed in pairs

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Kaal 0.323 kg
Mõõtmed 12 × 30 × 24 cm